Tonic Gold and Homoeopathy

Charlotte Koelliker, LCPH
Member, Alliance of Registered Homoeopaths (U.K.)

The first difference between Tonic Gold, an alchemical elixir, and a homoeopathic remedy is in how they are made. In principle anyone can make a homoeopathic remedy, given the right instruction. The person learning to make a remedy does not need to be a homoeopath, nor do they necessarily need to understand the principles, philosophy nor the application of Homoeopathy. An alchemical elixir, however, can only be made by an alchemist. That is, someone with a deep knowledge and understanding of the principles of alchemy and transformation. They need to have undergone rigorous and arduous training and practice, received instructions, transmission and initiation from those who hold the secrets of this tradition. Ultimately, however, it is a matter of Grace that allows the 'Apprentice' to unlock the mystery of the process of transformation - something the Master cannot teach, only transmit.

Secondly, although both Tonic Gold and homoeopathic remedies are vibrational in essence, what they resonate with and consequently are able to affect is of a different order. The primary principle in Homoeopathy is "Similia Similibus Curentur." In our search for a curative remedy, we are looking for a substance that will match the symptom picture of the disease of the patient, at the mental, emotional and physical levels, and we look for what is unique in the expression of the patient's disease, i.e. the particular and characteristic symptoms of the patient. From the homoeopathic perspective, we understand the disease to be a disturbance in the Vital Force, causing blocks, kinks and knots in the natural healthy flow and function of the system. So a homoeopathic remedy is chosen for its similarity to the specific knots and kinks as expressed by the individual in their unique way. Tonic Gold, on the other hand, is a universal elixir, able to benefit every individual. The alchemists' secret is that they are able to draw down and fix in matter the vibrational frequencies from a higher dimension, which we could call the 'Universal Force' (as opposed to the 'Vital Force') which, when taken, brings the Vital Force into resonance with the higher intelligence of the Universal Force, thereby bringing the human being into resonance with a higher level of order.

Although it would be easy to compare this 'Celestial Gold' with Aurum Metallicum, the gold of the earth, and say that Celestial Gold is a higher frequency of metallic gold, this would be too simplistic. Celestial Gold encompasses far more than just the higher frequency of metallic gold and resonates at a much wider spectrum. When the alchemists speak of making lead into gold, they are speaking of the potential inherent in the human being of evolving into their highest possibility through a process of transformation.

How does Tonic Gold work with Homoeopathy?

Every patient can benefit from Tonic Gold. I have personally witnessed quite astonishing results with clients. I have seen deeply stuck patterns shift - such as lack of clarity, inability to make life positive decisions, persistent negative attitudes and thought structures. I have seen that people have greater clarity about what kept them stuck, and about what to do about it. They themselves are reporting a sense of calm, deeper concentration, more energy and stamina.

As the Tonic Gold gently and gradually draws the individual into resonance with its higher frequency, or higher intelligence, and brings the being into alignment with their deeper truth, whatever is not in alignment with this gets precipitated and purified out of the system at mental, emotional and physical levels, thereby bringing into sharper focus what needs to be cured, highlighting the indicated homeopathic remedy. In addition, as Tonic Gold is able to dissolve deeply held blocks in the system, the curative remedy is able to act much more effectively, and Tonic Gold is then also able to support and maintain this curative action, by 'holding' the being in a state of increased awareness and well being.

In my own practice I find that Tonic Gold and Homoeopathy work in very complementary ways. Homoeopathy is able to deal with the 'dross' which is precipitated out in the purificatory process which has been initiated by Tonic Gold, creating a healthy foundation for the ongoing process of the alchemical elixir which brings increasing awareness, stamina and concentration. There seems to be increasing confusion within the homoeopathic community as to the limits of Homoeopathy, and a tendency to elevate it to something that it is not. Homoeopathy treats the vital force, that which governs the functions of the organism, and expresses itself at mental, emotional and physical levels. Tonic Gold, however, being a genuine spiritual substance, can continue the work where Homoeopathy leaves off. The following quote from the 'Organon of Medicine' by Samuel Hahnemann perfectly illustrates my point:

"In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force (autocracy), the dynamis that animates the material body (organism), rules with unbounded sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence."
(Transl. from 5th & 6th Eds. by R.E. Dudgeon, M.D.)

Why Use Tonic Gold?

Petri Murien has been practicing alchemy for over 30 years and is adept in both the eastern and western alchemical traditions. He is acknowledged by his own teachers as well as experts in other fields.

"Petri Murien is one of the few genuine living practitioners of the ancient science of alchemy. I have found his Tonic Gold elixir to have wonderful healing and balancing properties that benefit body, mind, and spirit. I can recommend this excellent product to those seeking greater harmony, mental clarity, and physical resilience and health."
- Dr. Robert E. Svoboda
Ayurvedic Physician
Author, The Hidden Secret of Ayurveda and Ayurveda for Women

Tonic Gold is more than simply another gold product. This universal food, or quintessence is spirit in the form of congealed light and is the life principle of all things.

"Our potable gold, which is a celestial female cinnabar, is the unique and only prima material [quintessence] which all hermetic philosophers since very ancient times spoke and wrote about, calling it the universal way or process.

All other processes are called 'the particulars' because their work and preparation start with a definite substance…Those "particular" processes could be as many as there are ores and metals available in the world, all depending on the time period, country, tradition, intellectual fashion and limited understanding of the chemists and alchemists."
- Petri Murien, Alchemist


 "It is the instrument, our alembic, the filter of Nature; with it all our philosophical operations are achieved. It digests, sublimates, precipitates, fixes, and calcinates according to the intention of Nature. It is…a substance with unimaginable potential for research in medicine, metallurgy and other fields of more secret and mystical investigation."
- Petri Murien
    "I am a medical doctor specializing in homeopathy and acupuncture. I have known Petri Murien for the past 18 years and am familiar with his alchemical research. He belongs to an ancient traditional lineage of alchemists and his products are of excellent quality. I recommend his potable gold [Tonic Gold] for regular use."
    - Dr. Dominique Eraud
    Paris, France

    "The effects of Tonic Gold are both immediate and long-ranging, both subtle and profound, both physical and spiritual. This product is not simply another vitamin or supplement. Tonic Gold is the essence of yoga, creating harmony and unity on all levels. I consider Tonic Gold to be part of the foundation of my yoga practice. I use it every day to help align my body and mind with heart's deepest intention."
    - Christina Sell
    Anusara Yoga Instructor
    Author, Yoga From the Inside Out

    "As a Chi Gung and Wellness Trainer, I have observed that Tonic Gold supports and strengthens the ancient principles of harmony that I teach. Tonic Gold works from the inside - from the innermost core of the body outward. Whatever the obstruction to wellness - whether physical, psychological or spiritual - Tonic Gold reaches into the inner self to bring about a deep-seated, progressive and continuous change."
    - Kyla Haber
    Chi Gung and Wellness Trainer

    "If I am already "on," I find that Tonic Gold clearly provides a subtle and definite boost or edge that solidifies my performance. There is a peace of mind and confidence in my actions that is natural and automatic. Tonic Gold is transformation in a bottle. However, transformation is an elusive state of being and I need to manage myself to capitalize on the power of Tonic Gold…. My language becomes more exactly what I want to say and do say. My [rock] climbing falls into place without stress. I would say that to realize the prowess available from Tonic Gold requires something from me; it isn't a magic wand. Nevertheless, it is THE most amazing supplement I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy!"
    - David Brewster Accountant
10 ml bottle
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